Maverick's Story

Below is a client testimonial regarding the effectiveness of Aztec Dog Training and Puppy Bootcamp.

I have a Siberian Husky who is extremely stubborn. Over a telephone conversation Ron was able to pinpoint every characteristic of Maverick without even meeting him. Maverick's biggest problem in my eyes was possessiveness over food and stubborn. Maverick attacked our new puppy 3 times when I realized I needed help! The evaluation really opened my eyes. Ron was able to help me realize that Maverick learned to use aggression when he did not want to something that we asked of him. Ron explained that since this was a behavior he had learn he can unlearn it with a strict schedule and helping Maverick learn that he needs to work for us not for himself to be happy.

My Husky stayed with Ron for 2 weeks -- Ron posted videos of his progress even though one was very hard to watch -- Maverick was being aggressive on the leash because he did not want to do what he was being told -- the second one was a completely different dog. When I brought Maverick home I was scared I was going to have a different dog and I would miss Maverick's old personality -- but his corky characteristics that I loved didn't go anywhere!! Within 10 minutes of being home from bootcamp I brushed him (which before was always made me nervous before due to him baring his teeth and snapping at me) I was able to completely brush maverick out with out any type of aggression -- he was actually wagging his tail!! Ron solved his food possession and his aggressive outbursts. We are continuing to work with Maverick and seeing more improvement after each time! Thanks, Ron, for making my already perfect baby boy more obedient, happier and overall a safer dog for our family.



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